About Us

With over 20 years of experience in textile field, we produce men, women and childrens wear garments for the most prestigious names in the world. Garments include denim and non denim, mainly trousers but also skirts, shorts and jackets.


With continious research and immediately adapt to new trends,we play leading role in satisfying the needs of the market.


We create the collections as artistic works which are suitable for all tastes and needs to our valuable customers with our vision turning wearing to art with the experts in their fields.

Pattern & sampling

The designs made in all sizes and forms in the computer environment with support of the technology, are made as patterns after the final approvals, and the prototype of the model is made with the materials to be used for the model.


Our production line equipped with the cutting-edge equipments technology.


We take advantage of computer system in embroidery area. Our machines allowing conduct of more than one process at different heads.


We are meeting each of the needs and expectations at the best quality level and supporting all printing and sewing types.

Your Business Software

Conducting all washing models and type as per the trends and export requirements.


Products shall be subject to cleaning, ironing and interim controls before packaging as per the requests and expectations.

Packing & Delivery

We are capable of offering both flat-pack and on-hanger shipments.

No minimum order quantity

Competitive Pricing

This is achieved by our know-how about individual cost components of each item combined with our extensive cross costing and benchmarking capabilities.

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Delivery Times

  • Development sample
    5-7 days
  • Price quotation
    24 hours
  • Labdips
    3-4 days
  • Fit sample
    4-5 days
  • PPS sample
    7 days